Warren Paulson, builder and website administrator

In 2008, Warren left behind 25 years as a desk jockey to build canoes at Souris River. He was a natural fit for the job. Warren bought his first paddle (which he still has) when he was 16 with his first paycheque. He bought his first canoe (which, thankfully, he no longer has) a few months later.  Over the years he has amassed a collection of a dozen non-motorized watercraft. There are unsubstantiated rumours that there are a couple kayaks in the collection, but canoes remain his first love.

In 2007, Warren soloed across Lake of the Woods in November, a feat that included 18 foot waves in 80 Km/H winds. He still hasn't told his mother. In 2009, Warren participated in the Quetico Park Centennial Canoe Race, a two-day 200 kilometre race from French Lake to Prairie Portage and back. He did not finish last. With his son Lucas, he completed the 240 kilometre Hunter Island marathon in 53 hours in 2013. He really hopes that his younger son, Dawson, is not interested in trying to beat that time with him. Most of his trips are somewhat more leisurely, generally involving afternoon hammock-time with a wee dram of single malt.

At Souris River Canoes, Warren spends most of his time in the assembly room, and some time in the resin room. He also applied some of the skills from his previous work to rebuild the website, and to help Souris River increase its online retail sales. More recently, Warren has joined Keith and Arlene on the sports show tour.