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Red Tigre Office Team
Frank Szatkowski Testimonial

I purchased the Souris River Quetico 18.5 red, 3-seat,  “factory second” from you over the phone while you were at the Minneapolis trade show.
I put it to it’s first real test in Quetico with my eight year-old and six year-old sons a few weeks ago.  All I can say is “Wow!”  It is everything as advertised.  It’s light on the portages, quick in the water and most importantly – super stable with two kids, whether fully packed or empty and just fishing.  
We spent eight days in Quetico this time – three of them with 20-40 mph winds.  Our travel partners were using an old Sawyer Cruiser which has been our favorite canoe until now.  The Sawyer couldn’t handle the wind and waves like we could in the Quetico 18.5.  Several times we were forced to run perpendicular to the wind (not ideal, I know).  The Quetico 18.5 just rolled up and down the waves while the Sawyer took water over the gunwales and almost swamped – forcing a much longer upwind/downwind travel path.
The only downside I could find to the canoe was that the tall sides easily “caught” the wind – especially with my lightweight son in the front.  We easily fixed this by adding 150 pounds of rock to the front of the boat and we handled the wind beautifully.
Of course, even with the utmost of care, we still took lots of scratches.  I can’t wait to recoat the exterior to make it look brand new again.
You guys make an excellent canoe.  Thanks for keeping me and my sons so safe and secure.
Frank Szatkowski