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Red Tigre Office Team
Steve Grundy Testimonial

First I want to say thanks again for getting my canoe built and delivered to me as quickly as you did.  The moment I saw the shipping crate, I could tell that a lot of care goes into what you folks do at Souris River.  Thought you'd be interested in some feedback on the boat, having just returned from a 7-day interior trip in Algonquin.
The first thing I noticed is the raked bow and stern profile {of the Prospector 17.5 - ed} as opposed to re-curve typical of the traditional prospector design.  I assume that is due to the use of a one-piece mold in the layup process, ie:  you would never be able to achieve the re-curve shape without going to a two-piece mold?  I have convinced myself that it doesn't matter given the boat's overall performance, particularly in rough water.  My wife is the real expert here as she is normally in the bow.  Going into the wind, the new SR prospector cut through waves and kept up speed compared to the way the old cedar canvas prospector would bounce off waves and then lose momentum.
Handling was excellent and predictable in all conditions and made for a very stable family fishing platform as we hauled in many lake trout!  It combines the strength and maneuverability of the prospector with the modern efficiency of the Quetico.  I would like to suggest you rename the canoe the "Prospectico".
Overall I found the hull to be very durable, and I absolutely love how the skid plates are molded into the hull.  Our route took us along the Petawawa river which, this year, is down up to three feet in places and many of the take-outs and put-ins were in rough shape.  Despite our best efforts to be careful, the hull took on a number of scratches.  Fortunately none of them were deep and I'll be restoring the canoe to near-new luster following your polyurethane scratch repair process described on the website.
One of your competitors had a good long look at the boat while I was buying firewood for our first night at the campground.  He couldn't help make comparisons and was extremely impressed with your build quality as well as the integrated flexible rib system, "our boats don't have that" he admitted reluctantly.
Again, many thanks.
Steve Grundy