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Souris River Canoes
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We have the perfect canoe for YOUR needs! Click on any of our models below for more information, and specifications. Once you have chosen the model that suits you, check-out our Fabric and  Colour Options and Trim Options pages to customize your canoe.

Overwhelmed? Call our factory during regular business hours, (or e-mail us any time) and we’ll be happy to help.

Quetico 16 - Quick on the water, yet extremely stable for a 16 footer. It tracks very well and manoeuvres with ease. The Quetico 16 also makes an excellent solo canoe.

Quetico 17 - The ultimate wilderness tripping canoe - ultra-light, incredibly tough and very stable. The Quetico 17 is our best selling model, and for good reason.

Quetico 18.5 - In demand by families and outfitters for a larger capacity canoe. Even when heavily loaded, this canoe is easy to paddle. When portaging, you’ll be impressed with how light it is.  When fitted with three seats it is capable of holding three people and a lot of gear.

Prospector 16 - Traditional design with state-of-the art materials offers improved manoeuverability in river/creek travel, yet retains its open water credentials with little compromise.

Prospector 17.5 - This traditional wildernes tripping canoe is as at home on winding rivers as it is in big water. In the hands of experienced paddlers this canoe handles well, and carries a good load.

Wilderness 18 - Added speed for experienced paddlers. Outfitters and park wardens alike, both in Canada and the U.S., swear by this canoe. It is deep as well as sleek and handles rough water well, even when heavily loaded.

Tranquility - This streamlined canoe tracks straight and will carry all the gear you need for your wilderness trip. Can be paddled with either a canoe or kayak paddle.

Skeena - An innovative whitewater tripping model, that performs extremely well in whitewater yet cruises effortlessly on flat water. Available in layups as light as 50 pounds, this is the canoe for river trippers.

Kingfisher Square Stern - At 55 pounds and 17 feet long, this full sized square stern canoe with a small motor will get you into those remote fishing lakes with ease. Based on our tried and true Quetico 18.5, this canoe may still be paddled.