Keith Robinson, owner

Keith started paddling in the late 1960's in Snow Lake, Manitoba.  He used anything he could  to get on the water: a raft, a canoe, or an old aluminum boat with an 18 HP Elgin motor that rarely worked.

A canoe was his water craft of choice. During his teenage years, he paddled a square stern aluminum Springbok canoe. In grade 11, he stepped into a cedar strip racing canoe with Milt Pedwell (a well-known advocate of marathon canoe racing in Manitoba). Always at the back of the pack when canoe racing, it didn't matter to Keith as long as he was on the water. In 1977, he met his wife Arlene, and they raced canoes together.

While canoe racing, he met Everett Crozier from Marinette Wisconsin. Everett is a well-known builder of top-notch carbon marathon racing canoes. Everett showed Keith the basics of canoe building. From there on, it was a lot of trial and error, always improving the product. For roughtly ten years, Keith and Arlene took canoe trips with their children. Paddling with young  children gives one a slightly different perspective on travelling in a canoe.

The dream has always been to make a canoe that would be user-friendly to the average persion who did not have a lot of paddling skills, but also one that could be used in the most extreme wilderness conditions. Today that dream continues, always tweeking the canoes slightly, striving to have fun in the process.