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Red Tigre Office Team
Jay Clancey Testimonial

I have had this canoe {a Quetico 18.5 - ed.} for two years now. I bought my first canoe about 40 years ago and have paddled nearly every brand out there. From the minute I sat in this canoe it was obvious that it is in a different league than any other. It paddles fast with little effort and can really fly when I want it to. It is the best gear hauler on my big trip each year and has more free board with a huge load than the other boats do empty. Incredibly maneuverable and completely stable, even with my two Jack Russells climbing around on top of the gear.
I watch my friend struggle with his rockered 18' Mad River and feel sorry for him as he tips from side to side in jerky fashion. I am able to go out in big waves that keep everyone else on shore.
The first year I had it, it was sitting on a rack next to the shore at our camp. A really strong wind gust caught it and flipped it into a large birch tree. Both gunwales hit the tree at the same time, leaving two gouges in the bark. The gunwales were bent and the canoe had slight buckling just below the top edge. I made a wooden jig to span the gunwales and was able to carefully work out the dents until just a small dent was visible on each side. No effect whatsoever on the canoe's performance.
I tell folks that I never use a J stroke (too slow) but always use a Jay stroke. Top hand is always further out than bottom hand which is usually right at the waterline. In this canoe I can paddle on the same or opposite side as my bow paddler with equal ease. This is really handy on big water with wind and waves.
I used to do a lot of river racing on twisting UP rivers and think this canoe would have been better than the Sawyer we used in those days.
So these are the best paddling canoes and also seem to be the toughest! I would have to say that they are a great value at your prices. I might get another soon, since nobody wants to paddle my other canoes when we go out on our large lake (Lake Michigamme...the best lake in Michigan or Wisconsin). Whoever is lucky enough to get the Quetico Le Tigre paddles easily away from the others as they work hard to try and keep up. It just isn't fair.
Jay Clancey