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Souris River Canoes
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Red Tigre Office Team

Colour Options

See our gallery page for more photos of some of our colour options, including red leTigre, our most popular choice.






We have done our best to portray these colours as accurately as possible. However, actual canoes may look slightly different due to different lighting conditions, and the age and condition of the canoe. Your computer monitor may display these colours slightly differently as well. Clear KEVLAR® canoes will turn slighly brown over time, while dark colours may darken slightly. Properly cared-for, carbon changes little with age.

Red Tigre

Green Tigre

Clear Tigre

Woven Colour

Imagine a green canoe which, when impacted, doesn't have its colour scrape or flake off, as can happen with gel-coated or painted canoes. Our colours are woven-in with the fabric, and not painted-on later.

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This unique idea from Souris River Canoes eliminates the six to eight extra pounds needed to make a gel-coated canoe -- pounds that do not add strength.

This weight-savings allows us to use more fabric than many of our competitors: four full layers in each canoe, so you truly get beauty, lightweight and strength in one canoe.

Le Tigre

This innovative pattern adds a great look to your canoe. It is available in clear, green or red, and uses the same woven-colour method described above.


Clear KEVLAR® is our lowest-cost option. Clear KEVLAR® canoes are identical to our colour canoes in every way, and represent a lower-cost way to achieve a quality tripping canoe. For little extra cost, black trim creates a great look.


If you really want to save weight and achieve a stunning canoe, consider Carbon-Tec. One layer of KEVLAR® is replaced with carbon-fibre. The result is a weight-savings of about two pounds, and a stunning black finish. Carbon-Tec canoes are slightly stiffer than our full-KEVLAR® layups, but still quite strong.