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Red Tigre Office Team
Bill Archer Testimonial

Dear Keith,
I have a Quetico 17 carbon with gold gunwales, which I love.  Fast and efficient and rides high on the waves as you have mentioned and I have demonstrated with skilled Prospector paddlers. I have to say that I love the fact that without the gel coat I am able to varnish it each season and it comes out looking new each time, not to mention the weight loss gained without the gel coat. I have had many comments about its efficiency and speed and also its looks from seasoned prospector canoeist. Just wanted to say that your engineering and attention to detail hasn’t gone unnoticed. I bought my canoe four years ago and never have I had a change of heart.
Keep up the good work. It is good that you're bringing back the Prospector 17.5, and if ever I buy another canoe I will buy your Prospector for no given reason other than the fact that I grew up with them on many a good canoe camping adventures.
Bill Archer
Contented Quetico CarbonTec owner